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PUBG may be getting a story mode, weapons balance and reworked Erangel in Season 4 update

The development team at PUBG Corp has been able to produce a number of great updates recently, and this update of the fourth season may be one of the best ones with changes to many weapons, an important new feature during healing, and several improvements in driving. But the most important change may be hinting at a new story mode, with an interesting trailer released yesterday




The new update, which will bring with it the expected change of PUBG’s most popular map, Erangel, will be called 4.1 instead of # 31, with the company naming updates by season going forward. The new season will bring the spotlight back to the original map of Erangel, which will have a comprehensive remake that will change many of its locations with better graphics and greater attention to detail.

The improved version of the map has been in the work over the last few months with the help of the players on the test servers, and the final release is ready to come in update 4.1, which in turn will provide a long list of enhancements and additions that will make PUBG almost into a different game.

One of these new additions is a story of a kind to the game, as we saw a teaser trailer yesterday naratting the story of “Playerunknown” himself, who seems to have been the only survivor of the invasion of one of the nations of his homeland, to then build battlefields or “Battlegrounds” to repeat that experience of surviving with a sick game that puts 100 people in a deadly confrontation.

We do not know whether this means a story mode, or just added lore. Brenden Green once hinted that he wanted to maje a campaign two years ago during the development of the game. We could also at least get a similar what of storytelling to other online games such as Fortnite, which adds hints to a story of some kind during its different seasons.

Back to the contents of the update 4.1 we will have a number of Buff and Nerf weapons of various types, including Shotgun and SMG, which have received various improvements, such as increased damage to all types of Shotguns, and an increase in the effective range of all SMGs, as well as adding an upper rail to UZI for attachments such as Red Dot and Holograph.

Other changes in weapons includes a swap of damage between the KAR98 and M24 snipers, with KAR98 gaining significant increase of damage putting it equal to M24 damage pre-patch, which in turn will now have KAR98’s old damage numbers. As for AR, the patch will deal some nerfs to their damage, making the M416, M16 and AKM less harmful than before, to encourage players to use other weapons as diverse as Crossbow, which in turn has benefited from a huge increase in damage and accuracy.

As for vehicles, PUBG players will be pleased to know that the handling of a large number of vehicles such as Buggy, Mirado and various types of motorcycles has been improved with increased stability on the road. The speed of Buggy has also been significantly increased and its HP upped, as with the UAZ and Tukshai. The changes were not limited to vehicle driving, but extended to include a new in-car radio system similar to PUBG Mobile to listen to random songs while driving.

Starting with the new update you will be able to put all the vehicles in automatic driving mode by pressing the = button also, which was previously available while walking only. Last but not least, the BRDM-2 Armored Vehicle will now have a lock system that allows players to lock it to prevent it being stolen by other players when you leave.

Other drastic changes include the healing system which will allow players to finally and after a long wait to move while using the medical items similar to Apex Legends, where you can heal while you move but you will be restricted to normal walking speed and the use of sprint or jump buttons will cancel healing. Moreover, you will no longer need to manually use Bandages bandages, as the player will continue dressing the wounds until you reach 75% of health or your bandages run out, and you can cancel it at any time.

The full list of all improvements, changes and bug fixes is available through the official website of the game here. You can expect the update for the official version of the game over the next week after making sure it is ready in the test servers.

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